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Green Finance
Growing asset class 29.5% of non-financial corporate debt, refinancing challenge ahead
22 Mar 2024
Spot contract series enables market players to trade and price the most liquid and relevant segments of ARR market
5 Apr 2024
Hospitality firm’s first sustainability-linked senior unsecured syndicated term loan facility
28 Mar 2024
US$90 million deal aims to strengthen resilience of farmers, reduce methane emissions
21 Mar 2024
PE strategy targets emerging Asia’s huge, fast-growing decarbonization opportunities
20 Mar 2024
Financing round wins backing of fast-fashion retailers earlier accused of greenwashing
15 Mar 2024
Targeted debt relief, credit enhancements, MDB reform key to lowering borrowing costs
14 Mar 2024
Almost half of larger financings ESG-related, typically in green, transitional industries
13 Mar 2024
Loan terms tied to Q Collection’s performance in achieving ESG targets linked to Higg Index
13 Mar 2024
Public financing can bridge crucial funding gaps, enhance long-term growth potential
7 Mar 2024
New indices offer insights for clients seeking to measure and analyze investments’ impact on the natural world
28 Feb 2024
US$9 billion in concessional financing per year until 2031-35 to mobilize necessary private capital
26 Feb 2024
Responsible fish production aims to build a more sustainable aquaculture ecosystem
23 Feb 2024
Global South has ideas, ambition, capacity for green solutions – just not funding
23 Feb 2024