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Asset Benchmark Research Standard Chartered
2017 China Business Outlook

Following extreme volatility in 2016, the renminbi has seen increased stability in the first quarter of 2017. But risks to the currency remain. China’s economy faces hurdles including worsening debt, non-performing loans (NPL), and increased capital controls. The CNH market has been suffering ever since the August 2015 reference rate devaluation. Recent escalating US-China tensions have also rattled markets. Driven by these events, Asset Benchmark Research conducted a survey on behalf of Standard Chartered Bank to provide constructive insight on the China economy, offshore renminbi usage patterns, risk management and opportunities in the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative.

The project started in mid-March and spanned a month during which 205 treasurers and senior treasury/finance executives from Asia, Europe and the US were surveyed.


自2016年经历巨幅波动之后,人民币在2017年第一季度的稳定性有所提升,但依然面临风险。中国经济面临包括债务恶化、不良贷款和资本控制加强等挑战。自2015年8月参考汇率发生贬值以来,离岸人民币市场持续受到影响。近期美中关系的紧张局面也加剧了市场恐慌。在这些事件的推动下,《财资》基准研究(Asset Benchmark Research)代表渣打银行开展了一项调查,旨在对“一带一路”倡议之下的中国经济、离岸人民币使用模式、风险管理以及机遇提供建设性见解。