Asset Benchmark Research: The Best Individuals in Asian G3 bonds for 2021
Asset Benchmark Research
The Best Individuals in Asian G3 bonds for 2022

Rank Name Bank
1 Elaine He Morgan Stanley
2 Keith Cheung Standard Chartered
3 Rishi Jalan Citi
4 Terry Schmassmann UBS
5 Eric Khor Barclays
6 Anthony Cheung Bank of America
7 Bonnie Chan Bank of America
8 Joseph Pepping Bank of America
9 Terence Chia Credit Suisse
10 Ken Wei Wong Barclays
Highly commended Sophia Chen Guotai Junan International
Keith Cheung Deutsche Bank
Joyce Jiang Mizuho
Bryan Kuo UBS
Ross Lee Agricultural Bank of China
Xixi Sun Citi
Edric Tan Standard Chartered

Note: Highly commended syndicate managers are ranked in alphabetical order by their last name.


As part of the 2022 Asian G3 Bond Benchmark Review, Asset Benchmark Research (ABR) asked more than 800 institutional investors active in the Asian G3 bond market to nominate the top five sell-side individuals by function: analysts, economists/strategists, salespeople, traders, CDS and syndicate managers. The nominations are subject to the rating of the investor casting the vote.
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