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Treasurise Awards 2024: Driving change for the better
Highlighting the individuals and teams who made a difference in their respective organizations
The Asset 16 Apr 2024

A proficient CFO, treasurer or corporate treasury function embodies a blend of strategic foresight, financial acumen, and operational experience. They are forward-thinking, crafting financial strategies that propel the company towards its long-term objectives.

Their role transcends mere record-keeping; they are strategic partners who provide actionable insights and drive financial performance. With a deep understanding of high-level financial operations and modeling, they can forecast future trends and prepare the company for various scenarios.

Over the course of the evaluation period for Triple A Treasurise Awards 2024, The Asset board of editors listened to the stories of special individuals that play a pivotal role in driving change for the better in their respective organizations – whether it be navigating complex financial regulations to help a company unlock trapped cash or adopting new technology processes to improve reconciliation/visibility of account holdings.  

A basic trait found in these individuals is a strong leadership ability to drive change and guide their teams with a clear vision and strong communication skills. They also need to build high-quality relationships across all levels of the organization and with external stakeholders. A good CFO or treasurer is adaptable, using advanced tools and analytics to inform decisions and maintain a competitive edge.

They possess a well-rounded industry insight, enabling them to navigate the company through complex financial landscapes and regulatory environments. Their ability to act decisively and strategically in allocating resources and capital holds the key to the company's financial success and stability. In essence, they are the financial stewards of the company, blending traditional financial responsibilities with the demands of modern business leadership.

Nowadays, treasury management professionals are looking at ways to add value to the organization by improving the company’s financial health. They could leverage a number of tools such as receivables financing to allow off-balance-sheet treatment of monies owed to the company. They could utilize suppler financing to extend vendor payment terms and unlock working capital.

Some have taken their overall corporate contribution to the next level, being proactively involved in ESG-themed fundraising via green bonds or sustainability-linked bonds. Key capital market transactions display an organization’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Other organizations without immediate financing requirements have sought to align themselves with best practices in sustainability by opening sustainable or green accounts for their surplus funds.

These are some of the traits observed by The Asset among treasury management professionals who stood out from their peers during the review period.

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