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Treasurise Awards 2023: Growing together
Recognizing the banking individuals who made a difference in their client’s business
The Asset 2 May 2023

For CFOs and treasurers, 2022 was a year to forge ahead and pursue recovery as economies reopened to the post-Covid era. This meant implementing new structures and schemes to enhance operational efficiency, whether it be bridging working capital gaps or deploying digital processes for payments/collections.  

Supporting treasury management professionals to realize their vision are the transaction bankers who often play a critical role not only in brainstorming bespoke solutions but also in implementing them to help grow their clients’ business. Over the review period for The Asset Triple A Treasurise Awards, we engaged with individuals working in key financial institutions both on the top level and in middle management, seeking to understand how they were able to guide their clients towards achieving their treasury goals.

From sales and client servicing to implementation, these individuals shared how trust was key to fostering a solid relationship with clients. For example, sales managers explained that over-promising and under-delivering should be avoided at all cost while ensuring that they were always on the same page as their clients.

Implementation managers highlighted the importance of communication in executing a treasury solution: being transparent about the whole process and upfront when projects weren’t going according to plan often elicited much appreciation from clients.

In general, the board of editors at The Asset noticed several key traits in successful transaction bankers. These include having a deep understanding of their client’s business such as their needs and objectives. In addition, these bankers have acquired an intimate grasp of the market position and financial goals of their clients to be able to provide customized solutions to address their needs.

Being proactive and innovative was a common thread among effective transaction bankers. This means staying up to date on the latest industry trends from business practices to technology tools. This means being able to showcase new banking solutions that could help enhance account visibility, introduce a module for the remote onboarding of suppliers, or incorporate international best practices into the operations of local companies.

Transaction bankers need to be resourceful and aim to be a team player, especially when working with a large organization. Transaction banking often involves working with multiple teams and stakeholders, including clients, internal departments, and external counterparties. To be effective in this role, it is critical that must know how to collaborate effectively with others. This includes communicating clearly and respectfully, sharing information and knowledge, and understanding the needs of all stakeholders.

Behind the façade of successful companies are individuals who make sure treasury processes run smoothly and effectively. We are pleased to honour this special set of individuals who made a big difference within their respective organizations, their solid contributions backstopped by compelling client testimonials. 

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Winners will be honoured at an in-person annual celebratory dinner on May 23rd 2023 in Hong Kong. If you are interested to join, please contact us at 

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